About Bernese Mountain Dogs

The Bernese Mountain Dog is an extremely versatile working dog. He was developed to herd cattle, pull carts, and be a watchdog and loyal companion. He is one of four types of Swiss Mountain Dogs, and the only https://de.medadvice.net/bactefort one with long hair. The Bernese Mountain Dog comes from the canton of Bern, hence his name. He’s a large and sturdy dog breed, with a friendly and calm disposition, and he’s well suited to conformation, obedience, tracking, herding, and carting competitions.

The Bernese Mountain Dog originated as a farm dog, but these days he’s most often a beloved companion. He has many good qualities, but the number of potentially serious health problems that can affect the breed as well as his heartbreakingly short lifespan may give you pause.

If you want a Bernese Mountain Dog, be prepared to do your due diligence to find him and put in plenty of effort training and socializing him once you bring him home.To keep your Bernese Mountain Dog’s mind and body active and healthy, involve him in dog sports. Depending on the individual dog’s build and temperament, Bernese can excel in activities such as agility, drafting (pulling a cart or wagon), herding, obedience, rally, or tracking.

Bernese Mountain dogs can vary in weight. Their averages range from 80 to 120lbs. The males are generally a little bigger than the females. The main health problems that are seen in Bernese Mountain dogs are hip and elbow dysplasia, and cancer. Overexerting Bernese Mountain dogs in their growing years can lead to hip and elbow problems. Bernese Mountain dogs also gain weight easily because they are not highly active. Being over weight can lead to numerous health problems, so it is imperative not to overfeed. It is https://fr.medadvice.net/agilflex advisable to have a fenced yard for a Bernese Mountain dog to play in or to go on walks with them regularly (or both). Their coat will need to be brushed daily or weekly depending on the length and thickness of their coat. Extra brushing is necessary when shedding takes place.

Although, the Bernese Mountain dog is an intelligent dog and not a high-energy breed, training and regular exercise is vitally important. Therefore, we strongly recommend that all owners train their Bernese Mountain dog puppy through a community obedience program and walk them regularly as they grow up.

Bernese Mountain Dogs originate from Switzerland, with images found dating back to the 17th century. Written descriptions of Berners date back to the mid-19th century when they were used as herding dogs throughout the Alps. Later, they were also used for drafting (pulling carts) and were always regarded as a good watchdog.